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Wanna read the story behind these paint-splattered dresses?
Check it out here (Yes, a few of our friends are missing in the photo above... not all of us are bloggers, LOL)

We all met on a Marine Corps base in Iwakuni, Japan, between 2012 and 2014 and created a unique friendship. We are all different, but we loved nothing more than sitting around a living room, drinks in hand, contemplating the universe, sharing advice and solving the world's problems. Well, attempting to solve the world's problems, at any rate. While we are now scattered all across the world, we still love to contemplate the universe, share advice and attempt to solve the world's problems. So, welcome to our virtual living room... welcome to The Lady Clique.

Amanda is a country girl gone city who loves to travel, bake and frequently use her "I-can-do-it-my-damn-self" attitude. She's married to a military doctor and has lived in two countries and four states in the past five years. She has three beautiful children, but when she isn't wrangling or refereeing the minions, she is working on the long list of DIY projects she has assigned herself. She currently lives in Maryland.

Britt had dreams of becoming an interior designer in her youth... but married a Marine and got to move and redecorate her own home every few years instead. While paint chips and carpet samples weren't in her professional future, she did raise three boys and is now a grandmother to a fourth. She loves to be thrifty and use her savings to travel the world and take pictures of the unique foods she finds along the way. She currently lives near Dallas, Texas.

Carolyn isn't as seasoned in the military world as her fellow Lady Clique bloggers, but finding herself married to a military man suits her just fine. She's always looking for the next great adventure, new place to explore, and new people to meet. Wanderlust, although cliché, is probably one of the best terms used to describe her, along with a "dabbler." Ever hear "Jack of all trades, master of none?" Bingo. But her main passions as of late include anything dealing with nature (especially water), photography, food, and trying to enjoy this crazy aging process with friends and family...the big 3-0 is coming up this year! She hails from Ohio, before that Washington state, and just recently, Japan. Carolyn currently lives in California and welcomes any suggestions of things to do that haven't already been added to a pretty extensive list. Wish her luck!

Cortney is the "Problem Solver." She has a knack for finding solutions to difficult situations; however, finds herself having the problem of saying YES!! YES to being the PTO President or VP, YES to Girl Scouts Overseas Chairman, cookie manager, or leader, YES to unit command team advisor for her husband's squadron, YES to any organization that needs a volunteer!!! She takes great pride in being a military wife for over 15 years and a mother of three girls, including identical twins. She currently lives in Japan and is working on adding the word NO to her vocabulary.

Gwen is a kind, spunky soul who loves to experience new things. After living in Japan for eight years, she now resides in Germany with her husband of 25 years. Be prepared to learn more than you ever wanted to know about schnitzel, beer and the Autobahn!
Jessica is tenacious. Or so people have said all her life. She has focused that tenacity on the passions in her life: photography, writing, inspiring and educating others, and being a halfway decent wife and mother. She has a weird fascination with the color teal, peacocks and iced tea with Sweet N Low. She currently lives in southern Illinois. You can follow her on her blog, Tenaciously Yours.
The Ladies dubbed KC "The Most Interesting Woman in the World,” and while she is humbled by this monicker, she owes the title to her willingness to try anything and go anywhere…  once. She is a creative spirit who hoards interests, hobbies and unlikely professions. About 20 years ago, she married a long-haired drummer, and, yes, there's a story as to how she ended up as the wife of a Marine. She firmly believes it was all so she could find herself tangled up with the Lady Clique. After her 27th move, she now lives in Miami with her no-longer-long-haired Marine and two kids.

By day, Teresa is a sensitive over-thinking wife and mother who likes to make others happy, especially her family and friends. She's a procrastinator, usually behind schedule, but that might simply be because she's busy chasing after her 8-year-old twin girls who are into Girl Scouts, swimming and anything with glitter. But by night, Teresa is the life of the party who loves girls' night out, complete with karaoke or a local concert. She currently lives in South Carolina.

Why the Lady Clique?

Wondering about the whole "lady clique" thing? Well, when we lived in the same community there were a few... haters (for lack of a better, profanity-free, term), who were quick to call us out on a community rant Facebook page... and punctuated the post by labeling us a "lady clique." I guess a group of fabulous women throwing paint at each other, day tripping together across Japan to check out seasonal flowers, and partaking in off-key karaoke performances, is quite threatening and needs to be taken down a notch in a public forum. But we were far from deterred. We've gone global instead! Lady Clique? Sure, sounds good to us! And any strong, kind, opinionated, accepting and fun (must be fun!) woman can join... actually, that goes for men, too. We're an equal opportunity clique. Come be a lady, boys! Join the Lady Clique!

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